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This is a pretty exhaustive bibliography of English language books concerned with Corsica, but you can always do a Google search for a title you can find here. Of course if you want to find Corsican books in French or Corsican (or other languages), Corsica Isula has less of them!

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Here is a bibliography of books in English about Corsica. It is almost certainly incomplete and some of the references may be inaccurate or incomplete - apologies in advance. I have gathered the list over time and is not a work of scholarship. It is an eclectic selection and includes anthropology, topography, history, political, travel, guide and fiction books. There is a link to books about Corsica in French.

There are many individual links from the books below to, but feel free to click on the link, if you'd like to see the 300 or so books that amazon lists under Corsica.

If you want maps of Corsica, go to the maps section below. I would be delighted if you would email me with any additions or corrections I should make.

Before getting into the booklist proper, I invite you to read a poem by an English poet whom I much admire and who's been visiting Corsica for many years. He's John Fuller and the poem's called Le Train Mailin - the Corsican railway U Trinccinellu.It's from his most recent book, published by Chatto & Windus, London 2002: Now and for a Time.

Le Train Malin

This is my train song as it rattles through
Lullabaloo - lullabaloo,
The chestnut trees beneath the blue
From Corte to Aiacciu.

The cheeky little train that runs all day
Lullabaloo - lullabaloo,
Ultramarine and café-au-lait
Up to the mountain, down to the bay.

The track on its sleepers is a kind of stair
Lullabaloo - lullabaloo,
That curves and tunnels everywhere,
Depth for height, water for air.

In studious Corte all the bells sound hourly
Lullabaloo - lullabaloo,
Above the green-bronze shape of Paoli,
Dignified but striding sourly.

They found him in the ancient citadel
Lullabaloo - lullabaloo,
They locked up Reason in a cell
And stopped the tale it had to tell.

The granite of the head must play its part
Lullabaloo - lullabaloo,
And yet the sea is where we start,
The ready motions of the heart.

The train hoots loudly as it now descends
Lullabaloo - lullabaloo,
Clearing the line, taking the bends,
Knowing that its journey ends.

Rivers are dry and pebbly in their beds
Lullabaloo - lullabaloo,
Piglets are squealing in their sheds
And the slow cyclists turn their heads.

A pair of horses standing tail to tress
Lullabaloo - lullabaloo,
Who never heard of faithlessness
Or felt they needed to impress.

And from the window what at last we see
Lullabaloo - lullabaloo,
Is nothing but the place that we,
Being not there, had wished to be.

© John Fuller. Thank you, John.

...and if narrow gauge railways are your thing,take a look at

.A Contrast in Islands: The Narrow Gauge Railways of Corsica and Sardinia.

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Corsica - a più bella isula di u mondu

English Bibliography of Corsica.

  1. ABRAM David & TAYLOR Theo, The Rough Guide to Corsica(London, Rough Guides, 2003, 1st ed 1994) -classic of the genre.
  2. ABRAM David, Trekking in Corsica (London, Trailblazer Publications, 2002)
  3. AKSYONOV Vassily, Quest for an Island (New York, 1988)
  4. AMSLER Kurt, Corsica Diving Guide (Swan Hill Press, 2000)
  5. ANDERSON Isabel, A Yacht in the Mediterranean Seas (Boston, Marshall Jones, 1930)
  6. ANON, Christopher Columbus and the Bank of St Georges (Griffiths, 1888)
  7. ANON, General Account and description of the island of Corsica (London, Addison's Head, 1739)
  8. ANON, Guide of the Western Mediterranean (Macmillan, 1904)
  9. ANON, History of Theodore (London, J Roberts, 1739)
  10. ANON, Scribbles in Corsica in 1882 (London, Wyman, 1882)
  11. ANON, The Blessings of Liberty Displayed; with the Fall of Corsica, a poem (Bladon, 1769)
  12. ANON, The Caitiff of Corsica (a play) (Lackington, Allen & Co, 1808)
  13. ANON, The Mediterranean Illustrated (Thomas Nelson, 1877)
  14. ANON, The Revolutionaries of Genova, including Disturbances in Corsica (Griffiths, 1750)
  15. ANON, Where to go abroad (London, 1893)
  16. A LADY, The Conquest of Corsica by the French - a Tragedy (Chater, 1772)
  17. APPLEBY John, The Dark Corsican (London, Werner Laurie, 1953) - a novel.
  18. ARENDT Erich & HAYEK-ARENDT Katja, Islands of the Mediterranean (London, 1961)
  19. ARCHER D, The Scented Isle (London, 1924)
  20. ARDITO Fabrizio, Corsica (London, Dorling Kindersley Publishing, 2003)
  21. ATKINSON David et al, Lonely Planet Corsica (London, Lonely Planet, 2004) - the latest edition. I spent time with David when he was researching this edition.
  22. BAEDEKER, Southern France including Corsica (1868)
  23. BANGS John Kendrick, Mr. Bonaparte Of Corsica - republished by Kessinger Publishing Co in 2004 (New York, Harper Bros, 1895)
  24. BARRY John W, Studies in Corsica, Sylvan & Social (London, Sampson, Low, Marston, 1893) - I like this one and it's got loads of stuff that's still useful.
  25. BENNETT J Henry, Menton, the Riviera, Corsica and Biarritz as Winter Climates (John Churchill, 1861)
  26. BENNETT J Henry, Winter in the South of Europe (John Churchill, 1885) - about 20% on Corsica.
  27. BENNETT J Henry, Winter and Spring on the Shores of the Mediterranean (J&A Churchill, 1875) - over 10% on Corsica.
  28. BENNETT Lindsay, Berlitz Corsica Pocket Guide(London, 2004) - not bad for a quick introduction if you are coming on hols.
  29. BENSON Capt, Narrative of Lord Byron's Voyage to Corsica and Sardinia (J Limbard, 1824)
  30. BENSON Robert, Sketches of Corsica (London, Longmans, 1825) - here's another Victorian book that remains a good reference book and I refer to my copy surprisingly frequently.
  31. BENT J Theodore, Genoa: How the Republic Rose and Fell (London, C Kegan Paul & Co, 1881)
  32. BIANCARELLI Bernard tr REEVES Jo, The Great Hike - all stages of the GR20 (Ajaccio, Albiana, 2001) - this is a good guide and the translation's not bad either. Order it beforehand, or buy it at any Corsican bookshop or many supermarket book sections. Jo Reeves has translated another Corsican book on Ajaccio (Albiana, 2000).
  33. BLACK CB, Itinerary Through Corsica by its Rail, Carriage and Forest Roads (London, 1888)
  34. BOSWELL James, An Account of Corsica, the Journal of a Tour to that Island and Memoirs of Pascal Paoli (London, Edward and Charles Dilly, 1768) - reads well still in the 21st century. It is a 'must' for serious Corsophiles. There was a reprint by Turtle Point Press in 2002 and if not available, you can almost certainly procure an original copy, though you'll pay about £450 for a second edition and £600 for a 1st!
  35. BOSWELL James, British essays in favour of the brave Corsicans (London, 1769) - currently available in French as En défence des valereux Corses published by Editions Le Rocher in the Anatolia collection and translated by Béatrice Vierne.
  36. BRADSHAW, Itinerary of Corsica (Adams, 1855)
  37. BRADY Frank & POTTLE Frederick (eds), Boswell on the Grand Tour: Italy, Corsica and France 1765-6 - 2 vols (London, Heinemann, 1955).
  38. BRANDON Robin with Rcc Pilotage Foundation, Corsica and North Sardinia (London, Imray, Laurie & Wilson, 2002)
  39. BUHL Fritz W, Corsica (New York, Doubleday & Co, 1965)
  40. BURNABY Andrew, Journal of a Tour of Corsica in the year 1766 (London, 1804)
  41. CAIRD LH, The History of Corsica (London, 1899)
  42. CAMPBELL Thomasina, Notes on the Island of Corsica (London, Hatchard,1868) - a modern-style travel book, but not very exciting, even though the woman was such an intrepid Victorian pioneer.
  43. CARRINGTON Dorothy, : This Corsica: A complete guide (London, Hammond, 1962).
  44. CARRINGTON Dorothy, Granite Island: Portrait of Corsica (London, Longmans, 1971 and Penguin, 1984). These are secondhand copies at amazon and Penguin edition is supposedly due for reissue though oddly the title is still available in Corsica at most bookshops and many newspaper shops - I bought a copy for a friend only the other day. It is still available in French under the title La Corse - this is the book of reference - a classic travel book.
  45. CARRINGTON Dorothy, Napoleon and His Parents: On the Threshold of History (London, Viking, 1988).
  46. CARRINGTON Dorothy, Dream Hunters of Corsica (London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1995 & paper Orion 1996) - for all that is mystical in Corsica.
  47. CASTLE Alan, Corsican High Level Route: Walking the GR20 (Cicerone Press, 1987)
  48. CAUCHARD Capt, Geographical... description... of Corsica (London, 1800)
  49. CHAPMAN John Mitchel, Corsica, an Island of Rest (London, 1908)
  50. CHIARI Joseph, Collected Poems (Enitharmon Press, 1978)
  51. CHIARI Joseph, The Scented Isle: a parallel between Corsica and the Scottish Highlands (Glasgow, William Maclellan, 1948)- he was a Corsican, who lived in Scotland for years and wrote in English, including poems and plays (eg Mary Queen of Scots).
  52. CHIARI Joseph, Corsica, Columbus's Isle (London, Barrie & Rockliffe, 1960).
  53. CLARK Denis, Bandit's Bay. A Story about Corsica (London & Redhill, Lutterworth, 1946)
  54. CLARK Denis, The Sea Kingdom of Corsica (Jarrolds, London, 1949)
  55. COLLOMB, Corsica Mountains (GB, West Col Publications, 1990 - 1st ed 1982) - they don't change much.
  56. CORSARO Paolo, Spada: The Bandit Who Lived for Love and Revenge (Rivercross Publications, 1988).
  57. COWEN William, Six Weeks in Corsica (London, 1848)
  58. COX Samuel S, Search for Winter Sunbeams in the Riviera, Corsica, Algiers & Spain (Samson Low, Son & Marston, 1869)
  59. CRAWSHAW Gerry, Guide to Corsica and Sardinia (London, WH Allen, 1987)
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  63. DAWSON Simon, Corsica white water (Woodeaton, Oxford, T Storry, 1997) - see also his website
  64. DAVIDSON Angus, Edward Lear (London, John Murray, 1968)
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  68. DEANE Shirley, Feet in the Clouds: in the Mountains of Corsica (London, John Murray, 1965) British title of above.
  69. DEANE Shirley, Corpse in Corsica (New York, Vanguard Press, 1968) - a novel.
  70. DEANE Shirley, Vendetta: a story of the Corsican mountains (New York, Viking, 1967 & London, Macmillan, 1969)
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  77. EATON Evelyn, In What Torn Ship (Grosset and Dunlap, 1944) - about a Corsican patriot.
  78. ELLIOT Emma Eleanor, Life & Letters of Sir G Elliot, Viceroy of Corsica (London, Longmans, 1874)
  79. ELLIOTT William James, The Wolf of Corsica (London, Mellifont Press, 1932) - a novel
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  82. ELWELL Charles, Corsican Excursion (London, The Bodley Head, 1954) - his trip in 1949 with 12 Edward Lear woodcuts.
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  88. FITZGERALD Percy, King Theodore of Corsica (London, Vizetelly, 1890)
  89. FOLADARE Joseph, James Boswell and Corsica (Univ of Yale PhD, 1936) - Foladare is the reference on the subject.
  90. FOLARADE Joseph, Boswell's Paoli (Archon, Connecticut, Shoe String Press, 1979)
  91. FORDE Gertrude, Corsica... rambles (Bohn, 1863)
  92. FORDE Gertrude, A Lady's tour in Corsica - 2 vols (Longman/Bohn, 1861) - the same book as the one above?
  93. FORESTER Thomas, Rambles in the islands of Corsica & Sardinia, with notices of their history, antiquities and present condition (London, Longman, 1858) - here's another good Victorian travelogue/reference book that has lots to recommend it, if you can put up with the dated language and small print.
  94. FORTESCUE B, Napoleon's heritage (London, 1924)
  95. FREDERICK (Frederic de Neuhoff), Description of Corsica (London, GG & J Robinson, 1795) - by a man who claimed to be the son of Theodore Neuhoff, King of Corsica.
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  97. FULLER John, Stones and Fires (London, Chatto & Windus, 1996)
  98. FULLER John, Now and for a Time (London, Chatto & Windus, 2002) - this and the previous entry contain poems set in and inspired by Corsica, where the author is a frequent visitor.
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  110. GOUJON Olivier, Corsica: Activity & Leisure Holiday Guide (London, Hachette, 2001)
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  116. HALL Thadd E, France & the Eighteenth Century Corsica Question (New York, 1971).
  117. HARRISSE H, Christopher Columbus & the Bank of St George (1888) - no doubt of interest to those who are convinced that Columbus was born in Calvi and that the enterprising Genoese, who whipped all their Corsican records to Genoa, claimed him as their own.
  118. HAWKES Robert, Corsican Death (1975)
  119. HAWTHORNE Hildegarde, Corsica, the Surprising Island (New York, Duffield, 1926)
  120. HEALY Orla, Coty: Perfumer and Visionary (Editions Assouline, 2004)
  121. HEFFERNAN William, The Corsican - a novel
  122. HEFFERNAN William, Corsican Honor (New York, St Martins Press, 1992) sequel to the title above.
  123. HEIKELL R, Mediterranean France and Corsica: A Sea Guide (London, Imray, 1990)
  124. HERMANN John, Motorcycle Journeys Through the Alps and Corsica (North Conway, Whitehorse Press, 2002)
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  126. HOGG Garry, Corsica, The Fragrant Isle (London, 1973)
  127. HOUSTON JM, The Western Mediterranean World (London, Longmans, 1954)
  128. HOWELL Edward (Howell-ap-Howell), The Birthplace and Childhood of Napoleon (Liverpool, self-published, 1896) - this 54-page book has 18 photographs taken by GE Thompson in 1894.
  129. HUDDLESTONE Sisley, Mediterranean Blue (London, Evans Brothers, 1948)
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  131. HUREAU Jean, Corsica Today 1977
  132. JAFFE Alexandra, Ideologies in Action: Language Politics on Corsica (Language, Power & Social Process) (USA Walter de Gruyter, 1999) - this an outstanding piece of work from a scholar who lived here in a small village in the interior and though there's plenty of academic stuff, I find it an insightful guide to Corsican culture - and she's much respected here.
  133. JAQUES Francis, Queen of Corsica (London, The Malone Society, 1989)
  134. JEHASSE Olivier, Corsica Island of Beauty (Plurigraf, 1989)
  135. JENNINGS Christian, Mouthful of Rocks: Modern Adventures in the French Foreign Legion (London, Bloomsbury, 1990)
  136. JUTA René, Concerning Corsica (London, John Lane The Bodley Head, 1926) - delightfully personal with evocative illustrations by his wife.
  137. KALLA-BISHOP PM, Mediterranean Island Railways (Newton Abbot, David & Charles, 1970)
  138. KAY FG, The south of France and Corsica (Glasgow, Collins, 1976)
  139. KEYSER William, I have only one eye (Calvi, Editions Almar, 1994) - I wrote this fictional account of Nelson's seige of Calvi to celebrate the bi-centenary. It is illustrated by Alex Lochrie - send me an email to order it.
  140. LEAR Edward, Edward Lear in Corsica: The journal of a landscape painter (London, William Kimber, 1966) - if you want a less expensive way into this terrific early travelogue.
  141. LEAR Edward, Journal of a Landscape Painter in Corsica (London, Bush,1870) - a classic; a wonderful book that I'd love to own; the other side of Lear..
  142. LEIGH-FERMOR Patrick, Mani ( London, John Murray, 1958)
  143. L'HERMINIER J, tr Fitzgerald Edward, Casabianca: The secret missions of a famous submarine (London, John Murray, 1953).
  144. LIBERTY Jane Stewart, Pungent Corsican dishes (c1962) - a Liberty of Liberty's, the store - they have Corsican family connections.
  145. LOWE John, Corsica: A Traveller's Guide (London, John Murray, 1987)
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  148. MAURICE JF, The diary of Sir John Moore - vol 1 (London, 1904) - in his young days he had been sent to negotiate with the Corsicans in 1794, before Nelson took St Florent.
  149. MAY Jutta, Visitor's Guide Corsica (London, Visitor Guides, 1996)
  150. MACKAY Dorothy, Why Forget? (Edinburgh, Pentland Press, 1988) - a short book of memories, with 36 pp about the author's pre-war travels in Corsica.
  151. McERLEAN JMP, Napoleon and Pozzo Di Borgo in Corsica and After, 1764-1821: Not Quite a Vendetta (Studies in French Civilization) (Edwin Mellen Press, 1996)
  152. McLAREN Moray, Corsca Boswell: Paoli, Johnson and freedom (London, Secker and Warburg, 1966) - by a fellow Scot. He followed up Boswell's journey after 200 years - and this Scots author knows he fellow countryman, almost as if he'd met him.
  153. MERRIMAN Henry Seton, The Isle of Unrest (Holicong, PA, Wildside Press, 2004 - reprint, orig ed London, Elder Smith, 1899) - a novel.
  154. MERIMEE Prosper, Columba (Maidenhead, McGraw Hill Educational, 1996) - the classic translated into English; a sequel has been written: Colomba 1923 by Robert Colonna d'Istria (Paris, France-Empire, 2001).
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  186. RICHARDS Brooks, Secret Flotillas: Clandestine Sea Operations in the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Adriatic, 1940-44 Vol 2 (Government Official Histories) (London, Frank Cass Publishers, 2004) - clandestine naval operations in WWII, including missions to Corsica and from Bastia.
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  192. ROUSSEAU Jean-Jacques, Political Writing including Part 1 of the Constitutional Project for Corsica (London, Thomas Nelson & Co, 1953)
  193. SALA George Augustus, A Journey Due South (Vizetelly & Co, 1885) - about 20% on Corsica.
  194. SAND George, George Sand and Chopin (Pennsylvania, Kirkgate Press, 1902) - 'Being a letter written by George Sand describing her experiences at the the time she took Chopin to Corsica for his health',
  195. SANSOM William, South: Aspects and images from Corsica, Italy, and Southern France (1948, Penguin edition 1952)
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  197. SAVIGEAR Peter, Corsica : Regional Autonomy or Violence? (London, Institute for the Study of Conflict, 1983) - Peter was a political scientist much loved by many Corsican activists; he had intended retiring here, but an early death prevented this; I had the pleasure of owning his olive mill in the mountains.
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This bibliography has been greatly extended, thanks to the continuing generous help of Robert Sharp of the Library of the National Museum of Science & Industry, London and John Theakstone, who is a bibliophile specialising in Corsica, now retired in the Ribble Valley of Lancashire and who first visited Corsica 30 years ago.

Dorothy Carrington (Frederika, Lady Rose), the author of the seminal work on Corsica in English - Granite Island (1971) - died in January 2002 at the age of 91. She was both an outstanding scholar (the first to be awarded an honorary doctorate by the Université de Corse in 1991) of Corsica and of Napoleon Bonaparte. Her last book, published posthumously is of the writings of Napoleon's father - she wrote this directly in French. She was instrumental in the uncovering of the carved neolithic menhirs of Filitosa and wrtote widely on the white witches of Corsica. She came from the Gloucester landed gentry and first came to Corsica in 1948, settling here permanently in the fifties. An amazing bird, who was the most respected Corsican academic researcher of Corsican history and culture.

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Books & Guides about Corsica in French.

If you are interested in a bibliography of books about Corsica in French, here's a good one.

An excellent source of Corsican books in French, is, my partner; at this link you'll find over 700 titles. As well as many classics, tourism, history and political titles, there are scads of guidebooks. Another good source is one of the Corsican publishers, Albiana.

Among the guidebooks, for example, they have the classic Guide Michelin of Corsica, or the two outstandingly good Gallimard guides - best in their class: Haute Corse and Corse du Sud (I recommend them strongly). Another popular title is Le Guide Routard and The Hachette Guide of Corsica - the Blue Guide is attractive and reliable. In the IGN series, there is one for the North and another for the South.

Another excellent book, not really aguide book as such, though it can be used this way: Monuments de Corse - it describes 100 monuments and how to reach them, region by region. The monuments are from the origins of Corsica, such as standing stones and Genoese towers, to the modern era with examples such as tower houses of the C16 to Eiffel's rail bridge at Vivario. For those of you who want to explore the 'real Corsica' this illustrated book will take you to places, you would otherwise miss. many are not listed in regular guidebooks.

A selection of books on the Mediterranean and Europe.

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Maps of Corsica.

There are many different kinds of map available. If you want to start basic, the Corsican Tourism Agency produces a mini-map that folds to credit card size. Or you can download a Map of Corsica right here from Corsica Isula!

However here are a few maps that are easily obtained. You can see details and order them direct by clicking on their titles. The basic standby is of course the good old yellow Michelin - it's regularly updated, of course; it's cheap and available in newsagents all over Corsica.

The AA have issued a road map of Corsica.

An alternative is the IGN map of Corsica, which is more detailed. The IGN maps 73 (north) and 74 (south) are at 1cm = 1km and then it's the Top 100 series (1cm = 1km) & Top 25 series (1cm = 250m), which is probably as detailed as you'll ever need. These are available at newsagents and supermarkets in Corsica.

There are two alternatives you might want to try. One is the Corsica Insight Travel Map, which is laminated. The other is the new Rough Guides map Corsica: this one is made of rip-proof, waterproof Polyart paper, durable enough to survive a dip in the sea.

DVDs about Corsica.

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