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If you want to do ityourself, some of the places listed in the information sheet onCorsican Villages and Towns (download by clickinghere) list hotels and self-catering villas, gîtes,apartments and the like, as do several of the sites in the Guides section ofthe Corsican Websites page. The Mairies of villagesoften have old converted buildings to let. If you do book youraccommodation yourself and need car hire, just click here.

There is a large selection of villas for holiday letting in our partner site Corsica Holiday.

Corsica Isula does notoffer a classified holiday accommodation list, since there are so manysources of information on the web and to do it properly wouldbe a full time job! Options are set out here and provide you with a wayto start looking. Nonetheless, here are a few places,that have something 'special' to offer.

Corsica Isula has arranged a special offerfor car hire in Corsica. The way it works is that the best deals in each car category fromdifferent car hire majors is made available to you. this saves youmessing around trying to find the best deals. So, click here for Corsica Isula Car Hire.

Kinds of Accommodation

There is a wide variety of holidayaccommodation available in Corsica.

In self-catering, thereare gîtes,which come in two varieties, those converted houses, barns and the likethat have been state subsidised and are therefore highly controlled;and those which have been done up by individuals without grant aid.There are gîtes d'étapes,which are for walkers, long distance riders and sometimes haveassociated restaurant and camping facilities. Good examples include themunicipal one at Calinzana at the start of the GR20 (04 95 65 77 13 or gite-calenzana @,or the private one, L'Alzelli at Tuani (Manso - Dominique Leca: tel 0495 62 01 75) in the Fango valley - the latter has three dorms of 8beds, a camp site, a restaurant right by wonderful river bathing. Somelimit the number of nights you can stay at a stretch. Gîtesruraux in the villages are also frequently inconverted properties owned by the municipality. An example is the municipalone at Avapessa (tel 04 95 61 74 10) in the Balagne. You could alwaystry the monasteries (couvents) if that's your thing- look them up in the yellow pages under communautésreligieuses.

Of course there are villas,with and without pools and apartments, in both oldconverted houses, small blocks or new purpose-built buildings and somein complexes with pools. There are bungalowsor mini-villas often grouped incharming settings. All these exist both inland and near the sea. Thereare 'holiday clubs', which are generally not clubsas such, but kind of sub Club Med operations, with or withoutrestaurants. By the way, there are two Club Meds on the island at Cargese and Sant' Ambroggio, near Calvi.

Campingsites provide the greatest volume of holiday accommodationand are very popular with French, Italian and German holiday-makers andas anywhere else, they vary in quality. Eurocamp offers an all-found camping experience at Ghisonaccia, where they provide all the camping gear - all you have to do is turn up!

There are hotels fromthe luxury class (four stars) to family hotels (one or more likelt, twostars). There are also Résidencesde Tourisme or Hôtelières;these vary from groups of serviced flats to holiday blocks withorganised activities. A growing number of auberges(generally the term means a rustic restaurant) have rooms, especiallyin the interior. There is the special category of fermesauberges as well. Though moreare being encouraged and created all the time, there are not manyB&Bs. Some, even use the English term. There are chambresd'hôtes, which are pretty much the samething. The number of these too, is growing in response to demand. Thepeople offering them sometimes do tablesd'hôtes also - ie offering an eveningmeal, generally with a fixed menu, but if not they'll be able to pointyou in the direction of a nearby restaurant. The B&B formula isnot as widespread as in Ireland, say, and agrotourism is not aswidespread as in Italy, but this is growing quickly too. The twochambers of agriculture have a guide to farm accommodation (Bienvenue à la Ferme).

The British tour operators provide gîte, hotel, villa and apartment accommodation, as do the Officesde Tourisme (download the list by clickinghere) in the main towns of the island and several of thelatter publish accommodation brochures. If you visit the village websitesof Corsica, you'll often find accommodation not listed elsewhere(download a list of them, by clickinghere).

Visitors to Corsica frequently ask me aboutlong term out-of-season lets. They are quite difficult to find, but if you'd like one in the Balagne - contact Anne Gibbs of KallisteHolidays Ltd - based in Ile Rousse.

A good restaurant guide isthe Guide Restaurants de Corse, which is publishedevery year by MédiaTerra.

Special for US visitors

ForAmericans who want to experience a cultural immersion into theauthenticity of Corsica, Kalliste Tours, based in California,isoffering unique and intimate tours designed for groups of 6 to 10people maximum. The creator and proprietor, France Louvet is French.She grew up and lived in Corsica, now resides in California and sheescorts personally each themed tour.


While Corsica Isula does not set out to be an accommodation guideor agency, there are some suggestions set out below. Also, there aremany agencies both located in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Holland andother countries, as well as in Corsica.

An example of the former is thebusiness run by the founders of the tour operator Corsican Places, whojust could not keep away after they sold the company. They have now setup directCorsicawhich puts you in direct contact with owners who let their Corsicanproperties. If you'd rather they handle bookings for you, they'll dothat too - and organise flights.

Another good place to try is KallisteHolidays. First of all because they are based here, secondbecause Anne Gibbs who runs it is Corsican (her husband is British).She has a growing number of good offerings of gîtes, flatsand villas in the Balagne (NW) - and offers a search service to findexactly what you want.

A web search will lead youto many agencies here in Corsica.  For example, if you'relooking for villas in the Balagne, try Pierre Calassa of the Agence Casa Bella - he speaks English. There is also a growing listing of villasand such at Terra Bella . Another agency that dealswith 50 high class villas is Pricey, butworth taking a look. Clévacances is an agency operating innorth Corsica and part of a national chain run by local government; youcan look at the hundreds of properties and rooms on line or order acatalogue. For luxury villas, largely in the south, you could try can also try Louez en Corse - they have villasand flats, mainly in the south; you can specify correspondence inEnglish when you enquire or book. Another site you might try is locationcorse.

The Gîtes de FranceCorsican section (BP 10 20181 Ajaccio, Cedex 01/ tel 04 95 10 0614) can send you a list of chambres d'hôtes- B&Bs. They publish an excellent printed guide totheir gîte properties also and you arelikely not to be disappointed by these lettings. The guide is very wellorganised and though it's basically in French, there is a good Englishlanguage description of how to read it - and each gite entry is markedwith a union jack to signify that the owners speak English. Once youget the hang of how it works, you'll find the guide an excellent sourceof private lets. In addition, it's almost a mini guide to Corsica. Thedetails of the properties are regimented and offer only one photo.However I think you can get a good idea of what the place is like andcertainly if what you seek is a traditional house/flat, the the GitesGuide is the place to look.

For mountaineers, walkers, cyclists andother outdoor sporty types, a good site is www.gites-refuges.comby Serge Mouraret. Under Corse, it lists more than80 gites and refuges. If you go to,you'll find some gites arranged by area with prices and qualityratings, but you'll have to contact them individually.  

More self-catering options across the island on  Holidaybank  and Corsica Holiday.

Someself-catering examples in the North

A good Calvi address is the RésidenceNord-Sud. It is a post-Corbusier building by AndréLucat and is listed. It sits at the foot of the citadel on rocks abovethe sea. It has self-contained serviced apartments with a swimmingpool. Francois & Sylvaine Mathieu will welcome you and you canpre-book online. It's a building that was one of the earliest chichotels in Calvi in 1930, designed by André Lucat, a friend ofLe Corbusier. Illustrious visitors included Orson Welles, Vivien Leigh& Laurence Olivier. Also in Calvi is the so-called motel,though it's not, Bel Ombra. It's right in the middle of town and youcould stay there without personal transport. The rooms are reasonablypriced and each one has cooking facilities, so you could use the placeas self-catering. Even in high season  a room for two peopleis very reasonable. 

Dumane fara ghjornu -tomorrow is another day

If you want to visit a remote and beautifulvillage above the Tartagine river and looked down upon by Monte Padru -well away from the mass of people in summer, get details and tariffsfor self-catering accommodation in this isolated hamlet of 24 souls.The curé's presbytery has beenconverted into several holiday flats equipped to a very high standardand the views are not extra. These gîtes can be contacted viathe Vallica Mairie - the Mayor is Mme Michelle Antoniotti, who speaks afew words of English (tel 04 95 61 90 15 or fax, since the Mairie isnot always open, 04 95 61 92 76).

Also inthe north, there are interesting gîtesbuilt and run by Jacques and Mireille Tercé, not far fromCalvi: they make use of natural materials and are built of tuf bricks(a kind of compressed granite with lime) and they recently built awell-fed pool, with natural water, like a river pool - visit www.paradella.comtotake a look. Mireille also has a raku pottery workshop. Jacques is a honeyproducer, among other things.

Here's another special place: the Toursde Tevola at Carcheto in the chestnut microregion of theCastagniccia. There are a small group of medieval fortress towerhouses, which have been lovingly updated by Jean-Claude Rogliano, awriter of Corsican myths and stories and his wife Danielle. There's apool on the edge of the mountain and if you are that way disposed,you're likely to become friends with the Roglianos and other visitors.Visit their website, where you can learn about Jean-Claude's writingsalso:

Another secret of the Castagniccia lies inthe village of Salicetu, not far from Morasaglia, the birthplace ofPasquale Paoli. It is a gîte recently modernised by Bernardand Agnes Simonpietri (+ 33 4 95 48 41 43) in an ancient village housein this small village (15 people in winter). It has spectacular viewsfrom its perched terrace. It appears in no guides and you will bewelcome in the same building as the workshop of Lana Corsa (see them onthe website women who make wonderful Corsican woollen products. It has a biglivingroom and kitchen, a bedroom and bathroom and would be verycomfortable for up to four people.

 InStoppia Nova, a very small Castagniccia village between Morasaglia andLa Porta, there are two traditional houses - CasaValentini and Casa Guidici, restored by Félix& Anita Tomasi. They produce chestnuts and mill chestnut flouras well as having a small shop in the village.

 If you like Calvi, there's an excellent offering - it'sCasa paradis, the home of Nicky & Paul.  The owners move out to their boat in summer andlet their home right in the centre of the town, convenient foreverything. It's a modernised traditional town house that will sleep upto 8.

Just around the corner in Calvi and alsogreat for those who'd like a holiday without a car in a lively holidaytown on the coast with a great history are the 3 flats in a smallprivate development - Casa Matteu - belonging to André Mattei. They are luxurious, each withthree bedrooms and have satellite tv and dvd; there's also a mini pool inthis small block.

Another Calvi option is one of the Villas de Ronduli ( that belong to the Simeoni family. There are four four-bed villas, each with their own private swimming pool. They are excellently situated (400m to the beach) and you can walk into town. The picture shows one of the villas, that are expertly managed by Juliet (an Anglo-Corsican, born in Calvi) and José Novoa. Juliet speaks English and French obviously, plus Spanish & Italian.

Another delightful place you might like isin town - right in the heart of Bastia's citadel on the third floor ofthe Baroque presbytery with wonderful sea views. It sleeps six and moredetails can be had from the English owner, Suzanne on 00 33 6 12 99 1553.

Stéphane Clemot who runs Calvi's sailingclub is now offering a delightful, very simplehouse    'in the maquis' but only 6 kms from the sea and 8 from Calvi,though with its private swimming pool, you might not bother about thattoo much; you can see the place on the locations-france site (there's about 200 Corsican propertiesthere) - the link takes you straight to his property.

Sally & Paul Dewey left England a few years agoand have devotedly restored an olive mill in the high Balagne at thedelightfully named village of Ville di Parasu; they now let it in thesummer and you can find details at the holiday-rentals site.

There's a wonderful C18 Corsican manor house available atOlmi Capella in the Guissani owned by Janet andIain Rankin. It sleeps 10 and has all facilities. .

Or howabout a gite in a monastery?  This is I Fioretti at Canari inCap Corse. You can't get more traditional than that. Flats and monkscells, well...

In Cap Corse, the wild finger of the islandin the north, try A Sulana at Olmetadi Capi Corsu - self catering flats in a lovely old house, overlookingthe sea.

Someself-catering examples in the South

In the south, near Porto Vecchio are somesmall well-appointed flats called Bois des Pins owned and let by the Parkers, an Englishcouple. You can also live there in long winter lets - make contact with Gilly Parker via her website.

Also in the south, if you like the idea of atraditional Corsican house, how about this: one in Zicavo (long lets only - 1 to 3 months).  

If you'dlike to be 500 metres from the sea at Agosta Plage on the Gulf ofAjaccio, you could try Ros - anEnglish lady who has been here ages. Her website is  Ros's daughter owns a flat in Bastelicaccia, suitable for two people

There is a very striking set of ancienthouses and apartments in a 2000 hectare estate by Rocapina Bay betweenSartène and Bonifacio; they are expensive and glorious, they look well worth checking out at .

Casa Mia, near the lovely Palombaggia beach, is available to let from Mike and Rita Dowling.  You can find

more details at

Some saythat Palombaggia beach south of Porto Vecchio is Corsica's finest. Only800 metres away up the hillside are sixteen mini-villas called the Belvédère dePalombaggia Résidence de Tourisme; theyare well equipped and have either one or two bedrooms. .

Here is something different: Simon Snell and Laura Cecil have a 5-acre organic smallholding called Pratu ( at Petreto Bicchisano near Propriano, where they offer themed breaks and self-catering accommodation in a chalet or 2 woodland cabins.  They also offer minibus tours for up to eight people with commentary in either English or French. .

And here's another self-catering villa to loook at, on the coast just north of Porto-Vecchio, near the village of Pinarellu.  The van der Donk family from the Netherlands offer a spacious villa (with swimming pool), and it will be ready for letting in 2009.  See for details.

Someself-catering examples on the East Coast

Quite different to what's above and ifyou're after a relaxed beach holiday, try Sognudi Mare at Bravone on the east coast. These holiday flats arevery well managed (by Martina Solinas, the wife of the man whodeveloped them). The advantage of these places, apart from the qualityof the offer and the fact that they are right next to the beach, istheir convenient location, if you want to explore Corsica - north,south or the centre or Corsica .

Camping sites

Camping sites in Corsica are very variablein quality. Some of the most appealing are those with the leastfacilities, such as those around gites d'étapes(one I'd recommend is at Tuarelli by the Fango river in the west of theisland), or of course, the camping plots at the refugeson the GR 20 mountain path. There is achain of 'quality' camping sites called Corsica Camping and they have awebsite . Another guide you could try is Camping France - Corsica.

Among the better equipped and managed onesis an 'Anglo-Corsican' one called La Vetta - itmeans the peak, among several other things - near PortoVecchio inthe south. Try their site: .

ADutchman, Wilbert Geers has produced an excellentdatabase (in excel) of Corsican Campsites. Wilbert has added a super map of Corsica with comprehensive listing of sites with direct links where they exist. The (few)notes are in Dutch, but don't let that put you off, because theinformation is all there (and requires no Dutch, double or otherwise)and there are hyperlinks to the websites of the campsites where theyexist.

Here's one you'll not find in any guidebook: you'll need not to imagine shower blocks, groceries,cafés... If you are a serious camper/hicker and are on yourway to the GR20, via the Forest of Bonifatu at the northernend, then try Jean-LouisGuidoni, aCalinzana shepherd (goats) who has opened the bergerie of Frassigna onthe road from Calvi to Bonifatu as a 'bivouac' site; he and his wifeSandrine not only have goats and make Calinzana cheese, but have pigs,chickens, geese, turkeys, horses... in a wonderful site near the river.Good walking from there and you can buy organic produce. Jean-Louisspeaks English having lived in Australia for five years; he's alsosetting up an archery trail with immitation wild animal targets.

Finally, as mentioned above, there's Eurocamp at Ghisonaccia.  This is an all-found site where they provide the tents and all the gear. If you don't want to drive down with your own camping stuff, or lug it with you on the aeroplane, this could be a good option.


If you'd like to look for a hotel, try it lists them by category in seven regions of Corsica, or The site Annucorselists over 100 accommodations. The site an excellent listing of hotels (699), gites, villas and campsites -the only trouble is that it gives no details, only telephone numbers,but once you have the names, you can try to see if they have a website.A Corsica-based hotel booking agency is CorsicaBella who have a website . Another is destination-corse,whose site is partly available in English and offer'specials' including flights from Marseille or Nice and hire car aswell as accommodation (you can get cheap flights to Marseille and Nice).  And there's a new French hotel booking site called e-romantic hotels with a number of hotels across the island.

The Accor group have three high quality hotels on the island - there is the Sofitel Thalassa and the Coralia Club Porticcio Marina Viva, both at Porticcio, and the Mercure Ajaccio in Corsica's bustling capital.

There's an association of 15 inns, CasaToia, many of which member hotels and aubergesare delightful. They have a site - (,but unfortunately you cannot see details of the member establishments.There is also the hotel grouping Logis de France. Ithas 17 Corsicanmember hotels.

There is a group of pleasant hotels in the Calvi area that can be contacted via, or you can contact them direct via info @ also has a few properties in Corsica.

Somehotel examples in the North

The Hôtel Mare e Monti (tel 04 95 6302 00) is a maison de maître at Felicetu (in the mountainsabout 20 mins from the sea, Ile Rousse and Calvi) has been run by Mrand Mrs Renucci for 43 years. It was the family home of theuncle who made a fortune in Puerto Rico, as you can see from thisfresco on the ceiling of the entrance hall: . They have progressively andsensitively updated the rooms so they are both done in simple andcharming decor as well as having excellent bathrooms. They have added aswimming pool and in season there's a restaurant. One son is anarchitect, the other, Bernard, produces an excellent Vin de Corse Calviin the village (the caveis opposite the hotel).

Nearby isthe excellent Restaurant Chez Léon (at the Hotel SanDumé) at Catteri for those who find the Mare e Montirestaurant shut.

An interesting place to stay for those wholike the rustic and cultural is the CasaMusicale in Pigna (Balagne). The food there is also very goodand Corsican. Also in Pigna is U Palazzu ( very small hotel in the converted ancestral home of DominiqueFranceschini. Built with his own fair hands in stone, Jean Giovanetti'sA Tramula inn at Pioggiola in the Guissani, willoffer you a Corsican welcome throughout the year. There are five modernbedrooms in an idyllic setting with three nearby restaurants - he doespacked lunches). Le Patio at Corbara ( recommended by a friend and has a range of accommodation in atraditional setting.

Catherine Montilliet, runsa family hotel in Calvi: it's a quiet place set above the town with apanoramic view of the bay; her prices are highly reasonable: youwant luxury, no-one in Corsica does it better than Jean-Pierre Pinelliat La Villa Hotel in Calvi, one of the Relais and Chateauxchain ( chef Christope Bacquié has just been awarded his firstMichelin star. Nearby is the town of Ile Rousse and above it is thepicturesque village of Monticello - and there, JoJo Martini and hisfamily have a very welcoming small hotel overlooking the gulf. Theirrestaurant offers high quality Corsican fare cooked by his daughter.It's called A Pasturella.

A Flatta ( a delightful small hotel (5 luxury bedrooms with 5 more planned) - aCorsican secret hideaway in the maquis - don't be daunted by 3kms oftrack to reach this haven - run by Joel Guerini and Sophie Anquetil (he's a scion of the famous Calinzana(or Calenzana in French) family and she is the daughter of thelegendaryJacques Anquetil, the cyclist about whom she's written apersonal biography - Pour l'Amour de Jacquespublished by Grasset)- with high standards atCalinzana inthe Balagne, with a wonderful restaurant (chef Ludovic Quinton) and apool with views of the Bay of Calvi - you can make reservations online. It offers seminar accommodation as well.

Anothercharming establishment is the Hôtel Stella Mare at Algajola.It is discreet and charmingly decorated. It is a two star but with afour star welcome! The Levy family have owned this 16-bedroom hotel twominutes from the beaches of Algajola for many years and have thiswinter made extensive investments. It's run by the second generationSandrine Levy (stellamare2 @ and she aims at quiet comfort for the guests who may eat at the hotelor many of the restaurants in this, one of the few villages in Corsicaby the sea.

Anexcellent hotel with charming hosts - the brother and sister team ofPascal & Marie Benvenuti - is the Hotel de l'Europe on the portat St Florent. They have an excellent restaurant too. You can visittheir website (, but itdoes not do them justice.

As anafterthough: many people ask about lodging in Bastia, when they have anearly or late flight or ferry. A place recommended is the Central Hotel, an old convertedfamily house right in the centre of the town and run by the owner,Madame de la Paillonne. Jean-Nicholas Antoniotti has built amodern 71-bed three-star hotel where you'll get the 'international' standards to which you may be used. The Corsica Hotel (Best Western) is in Bastia city and he's building a sister one inAjaccio.

Somehotel examples in the South

The Accor group have three high quality hotels on the island - there is the Sofitel Thalassa and the Coralia Club Porticcio Marina Viva, both at Porticcio, and the Mercure Ajaccio in Corsica's bustling capital.

The Roc eFiori Hôtel (in the Chateaux &Hôtels de France chain) in the hamlet of Boccadel'Oro is just south of Porto Vecchio, but away from the main road andvery near the super beach at Cala di Folaca (one away from thewell-known Palombaggia and much nicer! The hotel is charmingly run byIsabelle Profizi. All the rooms have their own private terraces and areclose to the lovely pool and the main hotel with its restaurant. Left are the pool andjacuzzi and here are the rooms. 

There's a simple hotel in the wonderful village of Piana high above the sea on the west coast. The Hotel Mare e Monti. Check it out:

Somehotel examples in the Centre

If you like the idea of a holiday in thecentre of Corsica, you may like to visit The Bergeriesof Capanoso - they offer various simple accommodations andrestaurant facilities around a swimming pool; they also do shooting andfishing holidays.

If you want to be in the middle of Corsicato enable visits in any direction, while lodging in an excellent hotelin a superb situation, try Paesotel E Caselle, near Venaco. It has been run for more than30 years by the Pagnis, father and son. Jean will give you a very warmwelcome. The hotel and bungalows are built from river stones and sitright near the Vecchio river. You can choose between the hotel or theself catering chalets. It is surrounded by stunning mountain sceneryand you can bathe in the river or the swimming pool. Jean has in mindto run courses in the winter - fishing, cooking or whatever and he canfix up many different kinds of activity.

The Hotel de Monte d'Oro at Vizzavona iswell known to Corsicans and Fredericka (Dorothy) Carrington used tospend time up there in the summer to get away from the heat of Ajacciowhere she lived. This amazing place probably hasn't changed a lot sincethe first visit in 1933 of my table neighbour the other day. It's awonderful spot for seeing the central mountains and sites like theCascade des Anglais, made famous by many C19 travellers such as EdwardLear. For a half-way house on the GR20, it might be a welcome relief toweary walkers. It'd make a great place to escape the beaches and spenda couple of days up there in the pine forests, especially if you tookthe train from Bastia, Ajaccio or the Balagne.

From Cortethere stretches a magnificent gorge - the Restonica - thatgoes up towards the volcanic lakes of Melu and Capitellu (greatwalking). At the beginning there are three hotels. Recommended thefirst, despite it's slightly off-putting name: LesJardins de la Galcière. It's a simple two-starplace with a pool, right beside the torrent. There's no restaurant (bigbreakfast room by the pool), but the owners have joined forces with LeRefuge, 500 metres up the road (downhill to bed) that's alsoa hotel.

Another Corte Hotel to check out is the Hotel Duc de Padoue.  Based in Pascal Paoli's mountain fastness, this three star establishment is in fact named after a general in the army of Napoleon, another famous Corsican.

Bed & Breakfast

The two chambers of agriculture publish abooklet called Bienvenue à la Ferme,which lists fermes auberges, gîtesruraux, chambres d'hôtes, campingsà la ferme, fermes équestres. It isalso availableon line.

SomeB&B examples in the North

Elise & Gilles Medori haveB&B and holiday lets in the little Cap Corse village ofFigarella; they speak English and Gilles may entertain you with songsand guitar (04 95 33 25 65) - they come highly reccommended by my son'sfamily.

Jean-PierreCorteggiani & IsabellePaschettado B&B (La Casaloha) near Galeria in a wildpart of Corsica (south of Calvi) with wonderful walking, mountain riverswimming in this UNESCO protected valley, as well as not being far fromthe beach.

Pricesfrom Spring 2007:

July & August – 70 euros per couple (breakfast included)

Rest of the year – 60 euros per couple (breakfast included)

Cap Corse is an amazing place - great for walkers, lovers of fine wine and people who just like to get away from it all.  Joseph & Willi run a wonderful 19th century mansion called Maison Casanova in Sisco (  The house is steeped in Corsica's colonial history and he is currently offering two suites for hire - prices and historical background on the site.  The house is pictured on our main travel page, on the right hand side.

In the High Balagne villageof Muro, there's C16 manor house Casa Theodora in which Alex& Myriam Gianninelli do B&B accommodation. Alex is a painter and hehas restored a fifth of this amazing historic house. Frescoes, wallpaintings and original features abound. Thespace is generous to say the least. There are various terraces andmaybe unique in Corsica there's an indoor heated swimming pool in thevaulted cellars! Make a visit and be delighted. Unfortunately, their website is presently unavailable, but you can call - 04 95 61 78 32.  

SomeB&B examples in the Centre

This is l'Osteriadi l'Orta at Corte, Antoine & Marina Guelfucci's chambres& table d'hôtes, or otherwise a minihôtel. It's the old family home renovated as a ferme-auberge,since they produce a lot of what they serve in the restaurant. thewebsite is very accessible and you can book online to eat or stay.The Osteria is very well positioned for tourism in centralCorsica - and going both south an north. You can walk into the centreof Corte, but the house is surrounded by 20 hectares or so of sheepfields. Here's the Pascal Paoli suite (an ancestor was secretary toPaoli when exiled in London: .

Here is another 'secret': Antoine Valentiniand his wife Jeannie run the U San Gavinu chambres and tabled'hôtes near Corte. She says "we like to be hiddenand small" (tel 04 95 61 02 88). Antoine used to be a shepherd and heset out 15 or so years ago to show that the natural resources ofCorsica could be used in creative ways - he runs Kyrn Flor distillingessential oils, with his son Jean. The main stone house has rooms, allwith en suite bathrooms and there are two houses next door withadditional space. There's a magnificent hilltop swimming pool withalmost 360° mountain views. They are very well placed nor onlyfor the centre of Corsica, but also for north and south. They are 3 Kmssouth of Corte on the RN 193 - you will see the Kyrn Flor sign on theleft hand side.

Also in central Corsica, is the B&Bof Antoinette and Charles ( St Pierre de Venaco, where you can also take your evening mealtogether with other guests in this traditional stone house, set among300 year-old chestnut trees. They also offer 3 dormitories of 4-5 beds (gîted'étape). The couple can also advise on localamenities and walks.

Problems?  Write to:  mac @

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