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Thereare many excellent guidebooks to Corsica. Here is just a few in Englishand French.

Andnow there's a good DVD for you to look at in English as well as 5 otherlanguages: Corsica - Les Secrets D'une Terre.


In(accessible) French, there is:

Howevera lot of information you'll find on the sites in the information sheeton Corsican Villages and Towns that you can down load by clicking here. It's additional towhat is in the Guides sectionof the Corsican Websites page. And don't forget that Corsica, likeelsewhere in France, has some very good municipal tourist offices - alist of them with websites can be downloaded by clicking here.

CorsicanTourist Information Offices.

Corsicahas many municipal tourist offices (and Syndicatsd'Initiatives). Some are excellent and have English speakingstaff, but even with pidgin French you should be able to get basicinformation or at least get them to send printed material. The list canbedownloaded for free by clickinghere. You will need the Acrobat Reader program ,which you can download also for free, if you don't have it.

Tour Guides

Ifyou are interested inhaving guided tours, many of the bus companies round the island offertrips. The local tourist office will be able to give your other ideas.Try them, they are good. On the other hand there are a growing numberof people wo do tailored tours for individuals or groups (some with andothers without diplomas - there's an excellent guide/interpreter schoolat the University in Corte).

There's a new website to publicise a group of tour-guides specialising in Corsica:  you can see it at  Simon Snell (who also offers accommodation and themed holidays) can take up to eight people on minibus tours of the island, with commentary in English or French.

Olivier Bianconi ( scuperta,by the way means exploration - is a young man who has always beenfascinated by hislocal culture and heritage. He has now established a set of guidedtours in the north and centre of Corsica to visit sites and share theirhistory and significance.

Here arethree excellent guides: Tamara Antonini on 06 81 71 04 08 (she's basedin Ajaccio, is Corsican andlived in London for many years); Rolli Lucarotti on 06 21 60 40 12 orrollicorse @'s based in Ajaccio, is English and has been in Corsicafor 30 years) or Isabelle Flores on 04 95 60 48 09 or 06 56 96 36 57 orcontactcorse @ (she'sbased in the Balagne, is French but has been many years in Corsica).Another (excellent) Balagne guide is HélèneAmbrosini(Russian & French - she doesn't claim English, but shecando it) - 06 12 96 75 67.

Here are some others who do English guiding: RuthCorticciato (04 95 22 57 82 - Ajaccio), Simone Colombani (06 87 80 3050 - Bastia), Hélène Mener (04 95 25 63 40 or 0680 43 1402), Catherine Uzal (04 95 51 40 79 or 06 11 46 38 19).

Oryou can contacttheFédération Régionale Corse desGuides-Interprètes, 5 rue du Dragon, 20200 Bastia (tel 04 952434 56 for Valérie Letondor in Bastia (04 95 31 64 88) orPhilippe Vellutini in Ajaccio (04 95 53 70 18).

write to:  mac @

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