Books about Corsica

Books about Corsica

Since this page was originally written, new books have come out and there have also been a number of reports, articles and significant snippets published about Corsica.

Gathering all this information is an enormous and ongoing task and I am indebted to a number of people for amassing and collating all the information here.  I single out Will Keyser, founder of Corsica-isula, for the original bibliography which you can view here.  

I would also like to thank John Theakstone for an extended and annotated bibliography running to some 43 pages which can be viewed here, and Robert Sharp who has added a supplement containing many articles and papers, which can be seen here.

If you canít find what you are looking in the first of these, you will probably find it by browsing through the other two.  Happy browsing!

And just in case you still canít find what you want, we also have an Italian language bibliography, kindly put together for us by Allessandro Michelucci, a collection of French guide books and some general books on the Mediterranean and Europe here.