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Youcan download a list of more than a hundred websites in the A-Z list ofCorsican Villages and Towns for free. All you have to do is to clickhere. You will need the Acrobat Readerprogram  ,which you can download also for free, if you don't have it.

Don'tbe daunted by the fact that most of the sites are in French; they havelots of pictures and the information you'll want will be veryaccessible. You can print out the document I have prepared (it's about10pp), so that when you have decided upon your Corsican itinerary,you'll be able to home in on just what you're looking for.

Mostof the sites will give you a very direct impression of the places theydescribe and you will be able to learn a great deal of Corsicaninformation from them - a lot of it simply not accessible elsewhere.Many of them have details of accommodation, for example in gites nototherwise listed, because they belong to the village, for example.Visits to a selection of these sites will give you a good impression ofCorsica as a whole.

Frankly,this the most complete list of village sites available on the web!

Theplaces currently listed are the following; places with theirmicro-region in brackets after their name, you'll find under themicro-region's website: Afa,Agnaronu, Aîti(Dragouli), Ajaccio, Alando (Dragouli), Albu, Altagène (AltaRocca), Altiani(Dragouli), Alzi (Dragouli), Antisanti, Appietto, Aullène,Bastia, Bisinchi, Bonifacio, Bustanico(Dragouli/Bozio), Calvi, Cambia(Dragouli), Campomoro (Valinco), Carbini (AltaRocca), Cargese, Cargiaca (Alta Rocca), Carticasi,Castellari-di-Mercurio(Dragouli), Cervione (Costa Verde), Chisa (Fiumorbu), Ciamannacce,Corbara,Corte, Costa, Costa Verde, Cozzano, Cruzzini, Eccica Suarella, Erbajolo(Dragouli), Erone(Dragouli), Favalello (Dragouli), Felce, Ghisonaccia, Ghisoni, Guagnu,Guincaggio(Dragouli), Guiterra-les-Bains, Ile Rousse, Isolaccio (Fiumorbu), Lano(Dragouli), Lentu, Levie (Alta Rocca), Loreto di Tallano (Alta Rocca),Loretu di Casinca, Lugo diNazza (Fiumorbu), Lumiu, Mazzola (Dragouli/Bozio), Minerbio, Moita,Moltifao,Monticello, Moriani Plage (Costa Verde), Morsiglia, Murato, Nonza,Novella,Ocagnano, Occhiatana, Oletta, Olmeta di Tuda, Olmeto, Olmiccia (AltaRocca), Orezza,Palneca, Pancheraccia (Dragouli), Pastricciola, Piedecorte-di-Gaggio(Dragouli), Pietracorbara, Pietrapola (Fiumorbu), Pietraserena(Dragouli), Pigna,Pinu, Poggio di Nazza (Fiumorbu), Poggio-Mezzana (Costa Verde), Porri,Porticcio, Porto, Porto Pollo (Valinco), Porto Vecchio, Prato diGiovellini,Propriano, Prunelli di Fiumorbu, Quenza, Quercitellu, Rocapina(Valinco), Rogliano,Rusio (Dragouli), San Gavino di Carbini (Alta Rocca), San Giovanni diMoriani(Costa Verde), San Lorenzo (Dragouli), San Nicolao (Costa Verde), SantaLucia-di-Mercurio (Dragouli), Santa Lucia di Moriani (Costa Verde),Santa MariaPoghju, Sant’Ambroggio, Sant’Andrea-di-Bozio(Dragouli/Bozio), Santa Reparatadi Moriani (Costa Verde), Sartène, Serra-di-Ferro (Valinco),Serra di Scopamène(Alta Rocca), Sermano (Dragouli), Serra (Fiumorbu), Silvareccio,Sorbollano(Alta Rocca), Solaro (Fiumorbu), Speloncato, Ste Lucie di Tallano, StFlorent, Surbudda,Tizzano (Valinco), Tralonca (Dragouli), Uccani, Vallecalle, Valle diMezzana,Venaco, Ventisiri (Fiumorbu), Vescavato, Vico, Zalana, Zigiliara, Zonza(AltaRocca), Zoza (Alta Rocca), Zuani.

If you want to see or buy agood aerial photo of a village of interest to you, then go to http://photos.nicematin.fr.

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